Scoring Options & Pricing

Online Scoring

The COPS-R may be administered/scored in three ways:

  1. REMOTELY: Users may send examinees a unique link so that they may complete the questionnaire at home or another location.
  2. IN-OFFICE ONLINE ADMINISTRATION: Users may have examinees take the COPS-Ronline at your office or department.
  3. IN-OFFICE PAPER AND PENCIL: Users may have examinees complete the paper and pencil sheets using the test booklets and then score the responses manually on the site using 1 (True) and 2 (False) inputs. This is quick and easy, with accuracy checks built into the software.

For all of the above methods, a score report is generated upon completion and is available for print-out in a PDF format.


Online Scoring, per admin$12$10$8
Online Administration, per admin$12$10$8
Remote Administration, per admin$10$8$8
Scantron Answer Sheets, each$0.50$0.50$0.50
Test Booklets (Package of 5)$25
Test Booklets (Package of 50)$225
Test Manual$15
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